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Since its establishment in 2008, OEI Media has become one of the pioneering companies focusing on Chinese media solutions and marketing strategies. Starting with hosting concerts and major events in its early stage, OEI Media has successfully laid a solid foundation for itself in the Australian-Chinese media industry. In 2011, OEI Media became the official agency of Sina Weibo in Oceania, which was a big step forward for Chinese social media in the Australia market. With increasing brand awareness and number of loyal clients, OEI Media has developed its business in a wider range of areas in order to provide clients with better services, including PR, advertising, commercial filming, and event planning. OEI Media has acquired precious experience and a portfolio of successful case studies which are perfect demonstrations of how we have built brands. OEI Media aims to assist Australian businesses to enter the massive Chinese market as well as bring great Chinese brands to Australia. It is the promise of OEI Media to all our clients to be innovative and practical.

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“It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation for OEI. I have worked with OEI for more than 2 years and Weibo is a credible social media platform. My fantastic experience with OEI is the major reason for me to highly recommend their services. JR/Duty Free have been successfully promoted ‘International Students Shopping Festival’ through OEI since last year. In 2012, we have achieved 7 times as much sales on one international student event compare with our normal daily . Thanks to their professional advices, thoughtful customer services and the penetration power of Weibo, we once again saw a tremendous boost in sales by double digit growth this year. I believe their creativity and knowledge of the Chinese market contributed to the success of my event. I highly recommend them to anyone who want to increase their market share in the Chinese market and look forward to working with them again.”

Tao Sheng
Direct Manager - JR/DUTY FREE 

"It is with great pleasure that I am recommending OEI Pty Ltd service. I am the Marketing Project Manager of Education Adelaide.

We currently implement a number of strategies to promote Adelaide as the premier learning destination for overseas students.

One of our key objectives is to generate enquiry from our potential overseas students via our various digital channels.

During our February Weibo campaign, we had overwhelming feedback from our Weibo users. We received volumes of enquires on both the Weibo homepage and on our website in just 7 days that greatly exceeded our initial expectations. It proved to be the best result amongst our previous campaigns utilizing different channels. We are very satisfied with this outcome and were very pleased with the level of service and advice provided prior to the campaign.

More specifically, the platform we chose to execute the campaig n was called ” FansTalk". It is a new marketing tool on Weibo which enabled us to reach our target audience according to their demographic features. It is a very precise and efficient way to advertise. In addition to the quality of their service that was provided, the prices were also competitive enabling return on investment targets to be met.

I am looking forward to working with them again very soon and I also sincerely suggest you consider this advertising platform and marketing services."

Rachel Xie
Marketing Project Manager - Education Adelaide

My experience with OZ Entertainment and Investment Pty Ltd has led me to recommend their Weibo service of Fans Talk. The Fans Talk enables us to choose the target audience to promote the specific Weibo post. We use Fans Talk in our Chinese Valentine’s Campaign and Moon Festival Activity, which all achieved good results in terms of increasing our follower base and engagement rate. Weibo Fans Talk service is a cost-effective way to achieve brand exposure and awareness among the Chinese online community.

Camellia Yang
Social Media Specialist - Asia, Air New Zealand


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